[appsuite-announce] Open-Xchange releases OX Spreadsheet v1.0 - the next OX Documents component.

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Tue Apr 1 07:40:36 CEST 2014

Dear Customers and Partners of Open-Xchange,

Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the release of another OX Documents component - OX Spreadsheet v1.0. OX Spreadsheet is a cloud based spreadsheet application that reads and writes native Microsoft Excel documents without loss of format or detail ("Round-trip editing"). You can also edit shared spreadsheets on various devices.

If you need to work with numbers, create tables, and calculate formulas, OX Spreadsheet is for you, especially when you are mobile.

The key selling points of OX Spreadsheets are: 
- Round-trip editing – does not damage legacy documents
- Greater simplicity, reduced complexity – offering the right features and functions, in the right place, right when you need them
- Peak Efficiency – Re-use predefined cell styles for faster and better document layouts
- Teamwork – Less iterations, no attachment hell, collaborate on same document with exclusive editing

Features and benefits of OX Spreadsheet:
- Web-enabled spreadsheet app, fully integrated in OX App Suite
- Import of styles and formatting from Excel (.xlsx) documents
- Flexible cell formatting options: background, font, text attributes, text alignment and borders
- Supports for extensive set of formulas (over 300)
- Collaborative spreadsheet sharing with exclusive editing rights
- Round-trip editing with Excel documents" in bullet list
- Imports charts from Excel
- Merge cells
- Hyperlinks
- Status bar with AutoSum and AutoCount
- Insert and resize images
- Search & Replace
- Undo & Redo
- Format painter
- Split and fix view
- AutoFill technology

Learn more about the highlights of OX Spreadsheet here:


Pricing and Availability:
OX Spreadsheet is part of the OX Documents product offering with OX Text already released. Please contact your OX Sales representative for further information.

Additionally, with the release of the OX Documents component OX Spreadsheet, a new version of OX Text is also available.

New feature in OX Text:
- Zoom in, zoom out, and predefined zoom levels

Shipped Packages:
- documentconverter v7.4.2-rev8
- documentconverter-api v7.4.2-rev8
- office v7.4.2-rev9 
- office-web v7.4.2-rev9
- calcengine v1.0.285

Complete Release Notes:

OX Spreadsheet: 


OX Text:


For details of how to install and update OX Spreadsheet please refer to the instructions given at:


For OX Text update please follow the instructions given at 


Best regards,
Your Open-Xchange Team

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