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Tue Feb 11 15:53:52 CET 2014

Dear Customers and Partners of Open-Xchange,

Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the release of OX Drive. OX Drive enables users to synchronize files between a variety of devices (phones, tablets and laptops) and OX App Suite a leading application platform for service providers. OX Drive consists of two elements: the OX Drive (formally OX Files) component that is built into OX App Suite and the native OX Drive Clients.

OX Drive is accessed in the same way you access OX App Suite. Use a browser to login to OX App Suite and select OX Drive from the top menu bar. You then have access to all your directories (including Photostream if a mobile phone client is used). All files are automatically versioned on update. OX Drive also features full drag and drop functionality, letting users add and move files with ease. Finally OX Drive also lets you view, preview, run and even edit a variety of media file types (e.g. photos, music documents etc.). 

Note: To edit documents you need to have the relevant document editor activated within OX App Suite. 

The OX Drive Clients are native apps designed specifically for their associated platforms and devices. They enable files to be uploaded, downloaded and synchronized to OX App Suite via the OX Drive component, thus giving an user full access to their files anytime, anywhere and on any device. 

The OX Drive Clients have been designed specifically for ease-of-use and are available for: iOS, Android, OS X and Windows. 

Each of these clients have been designed to take into account the specifications and limitations of the device they are to run on. For instance on a smart phone the user interface is arranged to best utilize the small screen size; uploads and downloads are performed in line with individual bandwidth restrictions as well as mobile data and battery limitations. The desktop device clients, on the other hand, will synchronize as soon as changes are saved to the document or file. 

Behind the user interface and behind OX App Suite, the storage solution used for OX Drive is also versatile. You can simply use standard in-house storage (e.g. NFS system) or use an external cloud based storage solution. You can also use a combination of the two: This provides complete flexibility and dynamic storage capacity. For example, you might choose to plug in a cloud solution as a stopgap while you increase your own in-house capacity as demand for storage increases. Or you might outsource storage completely from the start.

Features and benefits of OX Drive clients

- Synchronization of files across devices
- File sharing with friends, family and business partners
- Document editing and collaboration when bundled with OX Documents
- View documents on-line without downloading
- Upload photos from mobile devices with Photostream
- Fully integrated with OX App Suite
- Document management features with automatic version control and simple rollback

Pricing and Availability

People can download the respective client for their device from the corresponding app store free of charge. The availability of the various clients depends on the approval process of the provider. Clients for iOS and Android will be made available from the App Store and Google Play. The availability of the various clients will be confirmed by Open-Xchange via the usual communication channels. The Open-Xchange Middleware components can be downloaded from the respective download repositories.

Please contact Open-Xchange Sales for further information and pricing details.

Complete Release Notes:


For details of how to install and update OX Drive please refer to the instructions given at 


Best regards,
Your Open-Xchange Team

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