[appsuite-announce] Open-Xchange releases OX Messenger for OX App Suite

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Wed Feb 25 11:10:02 CET 2015

Dear Customers and Partners of Open-Xchange,

Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the product release of OX Messenger. OX Messenger is a real time text, voice and video communication application that fully integrates into OX App Suite. OX Messenger can optionally connect to existing third-party telephony options such as VoIP, PBX, PSTN termination etc.

OX Messenger is based on latest web-standards such as WebRTC, HTML 5 and Websockets. This provides a single responsive user interface that automatically optimizes itself for the users desktops. OX Messenger also works with industry standard protocols such as SSL, XMPP, SIP and RTP to enhance OX App Suite core applications with advanced real-time communication capabilities.

OX Messenger is built to provide maximum performance, resilience and horizontal scalability. OX Messenger uses a new JAIN SLEE based XMPP Server that provides outstanding performance. The OX Messenger Gateway creates and enables communication between parties, but when possible it hands off the communication to a peer-to-peer protocol. This maximizes performance, reduces latency and increases both quality and privacy.

Features and benefits of OX Messenger

- Integrated into OX App Suite
- Text, Voice and Video Chat/Calling: One to One or Group
- WebRTC support (With Flash based fallback for non WebRTC compliant browsers)
- Phone dialing: Landline, mobile etc.
- Chat and call history
- Guest mode for communication with non OX AppSuite users

A more detailed overview of the main functions and features to OX Messenger can be found at 


Pricing and Availability

In order to evaluate OX Messenger please contact Open-Xchange Sales. Open-Xchange Sales will process the request and then provide pricing and license keys.

In order to reduce complexity and speed up deployments, OX Messenger will also be available via OX as a Service: A fully hosted version of OX App Suite. Please contact Open-Xchange Sales for further information and pricing details.

Shipped Packages and Version:
- Open-Xchange Messenger v1.0.0-rev13

Complete Release Notes can be found at:


For details on how to install OX Messenger please refer to the instructions given at


Best regards,
Your Open-Xchange Team

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