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Wed Apr 8 09:27:19 CEST 2009

Dear Friends and Partners of Open-Xchange,

Welcome to the Open-Xchange Hosting Newsletter. This month´s news at a

** WebhostingDay A Great Success*

* *NameCheap to Offer Free Webmail from Open-Xchange*

** Social Open-Xchange Provides Open Data Cloud*

** Open-Xchange Adds Italian and Swedish Language Support*

*** *Latest technical Tips and Tricks*

  * WebhostingDay A Great Success

At the event, Open-Xchange announced free webmail, calendaring and contact infrastructure made available to qualifying partners. Web hosting providers, telcos, ISPs, as well as academic institutions and non-profit organizations can take advantage of a fully-maintained webmail module, which includes installation and configuration support of the Open-Xchange software. The promotion is intended for partners with large numbers of existing e-mail users that require business-class, user-friendly webmail. For more information, please visit 
_www.open-xchange.com/en/node/771 <http://www.open-xchange.com/en/node/771>_. 

  * NameCheap to Offer Free Webmail from Open-Xchange

Open-Xchange, the leading provider of business-class open source
collaboration software, announced a deal with NameCheap, a leader in
domain name registration and web hosting, to bring free webmail to
NameCheap’s customers, which include more than 1 million domains. Over
400,000 clients and millions of domain names have been registered
through the website, making it one of the top five domain registries in
the world. Open-Xchange offers free webmail, calendaring and contact
infrastructure to qualifying partners such as web hosting providers,
telcos, and ISPs to drive adoption of Software as a Service.


    * Social Open-Xchange Provides Open Data Cloud

When we realized we provide collaboration software that does not
collaborate with other Open-Xchange instances too well – let alone with
users who don’t have our product – we felt something was wrong. Looking
at other solutions in our market only reinforced this feeling. It got
even worse when we started looking at social networking sites like
Facebook, Linked In, as well as Google. The time has come to open up
these silos and liberate our data. Social Open-Xchange is a project that
facilitates data exchange via html and microformats. For more
information, please visit

    * Open-Xchange Adds Italian and Swedish Language Support

Open-Xchange extended its language support for its business-call email
and groupware solution. Beside official language support for Dutch,
English, French, German and Spanish, Open-Xchange now adds language
support for Italian and Swedish. As both languages are not yet supported
officially, they are freely accessible at


* *Latest technical Tips and Tricks*

The new package open-xchange-admin-plugin-contextrestore adds context
restoration to the Open-Xchange server suite


A new whitepaper describes the hardware requirements for Open-Xchange
Server, depending on the number of concurrent users.


We look forward to answer your questions and support your evaluation.

Best regards,

Hubert Schweinesbein

Open-Xchange Hosting Team

mailto: hosting at open-xchange.com

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