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Fri Oct 16 07:54:53 CEST 2009

Dear Friends and Partners of Open-Xchange,

Welcome to the Open-Xchange Hosting Newsletter. This month´s news at a glance:

1. Additional Revenue with ActiveSync for Open-Xchange
2. Update for Open-Xchange Hosting and Server Edition
3. Combined Groupware and Telephony Software Provides One-Stop Communication Center
4. Tips and Tricks: Outlook OXtender Best Practice
5. Latest Open-Xchange product roadmap

1. Additional Revenue with ActiveSync for Open-Xchange

Open-Xchange selected the Microsoft ActiveSync protocol for it's Open-Xchange
OXtender for Business Mobility to enable synchronization of all common
handhelds and smartphones. Any ActiveSync client on an iPhone or
Windows Mobile 6.x device can set up and start using mobile e-mail and
PIM (personal information manager) functions without complex configuration.
In addition, 3 rd party software clients for almost all other platforms
including Symbian-based devices, Blackberry or Android are available.
For technical details, please visit http://www.open-xchange.com/en/mobility-solutions-en

The new Open-Xchange OXtender for Business Mobility provides you with excellent
opportunities to generate additional revenue with your existing Open-Xchange
customers. Please get in touch with us to get your individual offer.
2. Update for Open-Xchange Hosting and Server Edition

Open-Xchange now gives users the ability to consolidate any kind of existing
webmail accounts – for example from Google and Yahoo – into a folder in
Open-Xchange so they can be managed more easily. In addition, users can now
integrate and merge their address books from Google Mail and Facebook into
Open-Xchange. New contact details are added automatically providing users
easy access to the latest contact information – all from one place.

This is what Tier 1 Research says about Open-Xchange's approach in their daily report:

„Elsewhere in the market, Zimbra has done the something similar, consolidating
email into its desktop client. However, address book and calendaring migration
is not possible and the application itself is still relatively heavy.
Open-Xchange remains a good option for shared and dedicated hosters, and even
managed hosters, that are looking for a collaborative email enabler that is
efficient and relatively lightweight. Overall, it's the first of many features
that are coming down the pipeline at Open-Xchange.

T1R likes the idea and approach. Features that allow users to more efficiently
organize their multiple sources of online communications enhance the user
experience and most importantly, reinforce the position of email as a central
organizing platform. There has been some talk that social networks might take
over online communications. Email vendors can easily fight back quite effectively
by using open standards to co-opt and consolidate the activity in other
communication platforms into the email environment.“

3. Combined Groupware and Telephony Software Provides One-Stop Communication Center

Open-Xchange will extend its collaboration software with Rack-Soft’s leading
Unified Communications software. The combination gives end users telephone,
fax, presence, instant messaging integrated with e-mail, contacts, calendar and
task information. In addition, the two companies agreed to resell their products.

4. Tips and Tricks: Outlook OXtender Best Practice

A new Wiki entry explaines installation and troubleshoouting of common issues
with OXtender for Microsoft Outlook

5. Latest Open-Xchange product roadmap

Our latest product roadmap offers you a detailed overview on all products,
services and updates we will release in the coming months:

We’ve set up a Twitter account, so please follow us at http://twitter.com/openexchange.
We welcome your feedback.

Best regards,

Open-Xchange Hosting Team
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