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Tue Aug 25 15:09:05 CEST 2009

Dear Customers of Open-Xchange,
Open-Xchange is, with more than 3,500 installations, the most popular groupware for Linux. Open-Xchange Server Edition now defines new standards in functionality and user comfort. The Open-Xchange Server 5 to Open-Xchange Server Edition Data Migration Tools allow customers using the previous Open-Xchange Server 5 to migrate their data.
Shipped Packages and Version:
To ensure a seamless upgrade process to the new Open-Xchange Server Edition we are offering free “Data Migration Tools”. These tools are available to all clients and partners at no cost but with optional professional support offerings.

The migration tool set consists of two different tools: the export tool and the import tool. A defined data set will be extracted from the Open-Xchange 5 Server and converted to the universal export format. These data then will be imported into Open-Xchange Server Edition with an import tool.
The following data types are currently supported by the Data Migration Tools: users, groups, resources, folders, tasks, calendars, contacts, attachments.
How to order the free Data-Migration-Tool?
Please fill out the request form under: http://www.open-xchange.com/en/migration-ox5-oxse-en
For more detailed information about the data migration process please click on the link to access our documentation:
Best regards,
Your Open-Xchange Team
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