[oxse-announce] Open-Xchange Releases Open-Xchange v6.20.1

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Mon Jan 30 15:24:25 CET 2012

Dear Customers of Open-Xchange,

Today Open-Xchange releases Open-Xchange Server v6.20.1. This update includes new versions of

- Open-Xchange Server 6 (OX6), the common basis for OX HE (Hosting Edition), OX SE (Server Edition), OX ASE (Advanced Server Edition) and OX SE for UCS, and the
- OXtender 2 for Microsoft Outlook
- OX Client Updater

This release provides various improvements to the user interface including design changes, usability improvements, new features, and bug fixes. The highlights of this release are:

- Finalized CalDAV and CardDAV Synchronization for Mac OSX 10.6 and 10.7
- Consolidation of all v6.20 Patch Releases
- 64-Bit Support for the OXtender 2 for MS Outlook

A detailed description of all new features can be seen at http://software.open-xchange.com/OX6/6.20/doc/Feature_Overview_OX6_6_20_1.pdf

Please note:

- Open-Xchange discontinues support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (SLES10) - as you may know, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (SLES10) has been superseded by SLES11. As users of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, we encourage you to update to the latest operating system version. Severe flaws of Java 5, potentially allowing denial-of-service attacks (DoS) have been addressed with Java 6 and thus with SLES11.

- Open-Xchange discontinues support for Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (Lenny) with next release - as you may know, Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (Lenny) has been superseded by Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 (Squeeze). Open-Xchange has discontinued support of Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (Lenny; EOL 06.02.2012), though will continue to fix bugs in the category "blockers" and "critical" for SLES10 until the minor release OX6 v6.20.1. Starting with the next release OX6 (mid of 2012), Open-Xchange Server will support Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 (Squeeze) and all other official supported operating systems like SLES11, RHEL5, RHEL6, CentOS5 and Univention Corporate Server. As users of Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (Lenny), we encourage you to update to the latest operating system version.

- Open-Xchange GUI Version 6.20.1 Rev2 or later is required to operate with the Open-Xchange Server Version 6.20.1 Rev2.

- Appointment notifications and mobile devices - Replying appointment invitations (accept/decline/tentative) is not possible at some mobile devices. Manually adding the appointment to a calendar synchronized with Open-Xchange through Exchange ActiveSync creates duplicates and unwanted invitation mails. Further information at http://sdb.open-xchange.com/node/344

Shipped packages and versions:

Open-Xchange Server 6 (OX6)
Version: v6.20.1 Rev 5 (built 2012-01-26/27)
The version number is the same for the groupware server and the groupware front-end.
When reporting bugs, please make sure to include this version number in your bug report.
The version number can be found
a) in the Login dialog
b) in the about dialog (Question icon in the upper right -> About)

OXtender 2 for MS Outlook
Version: v.7.0.43
File name: OXtender 2 for Microsoft Outlook_v7.0.12<language>.exe
When reporting bugs, please include the version number in your bug report. The version number can be found
a) In the splash screen when starting Outlook
b) Extras -> OXtender for MS Outlook -> About

OX Client Updater
Version: v.6.18.10
When reporting bugs, please include the version number in your bug report.
The version number can be found via Windows action bar -> OXUpdater Icon -> RMB -> “About”

Complete Release Notes: http://software.open-xchange.com/OX6/doc/Release-Notes-v6.20.1.pdf

Update to Open-Xchange 6 v.6.20.1:
Please follow the instructions given at http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=UpdatingOXPackages to install the updates.

Installation of Open-Xchange 6 v.6.20.1:
- http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=Open-Xchange_Installation_Guide_for_Debian_5.0
- http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=Open-Xchange_Installation_Guide_for_Debian_6.0
- http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=Open-Xchange_Installation_Guide_for_SLES11
- http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=Open-Xchange_Installation_Guide_for_RHEL5
- http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=Open-Xchange_Installation_Guide_for_RHEL6
- http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=Open-Xchange Installation Guide for CentOS 5‎‎
- http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?title=OXSE4UCS_Installation_en

Best regards,
Your Open-Xchange Team
Open-Xchange AG,  Maxfeldstr. 9, 90409 Nürnberg
Amtsgericht Nürnberg HRB 24738
Vorstand: Rafael Laguna de la Vera, Carsten Dirks
Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender: Richard Seibt

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