[partner-announce] Patch 6227 for All_OX_Customers, Requestor: tobias.thamm, is now entering QA Phase

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Wed Mar 29 12:24:23 CEST 2023

Patch details:

Patch Requestor:      tobias.thamm
Customer:             All_OX_Customers
JiraID(s):       MWB-1698, MWB-2005, MW-1607, MWB-1857, MWB-2069, MWB-2054, MWB-2058, MW-1792, OXUIB-2065, DOCS-4713, OXUIB-2181, OXUIB-1660, USM-47, OXUIB-2290
Components:           App Suite UI, Backend, Connector for Business Mobility
Version:              7.10.6
Planned release date: 2023-04-05

Git reposirories involved into this patch:

middleware/core, hotfix-6227, 7.10.6-41
frontend/core, hotfix-6227, 7.10.6-27
middleware/eas, hotfix-6227, 7.10.6-5

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