[announce-en] Open-Xchange Pre-Announces Service Pack 4 for Open-Xchange Server 5

Christian Egle christian.egle at open-xchange.com
Tue Oct 30 10:44:43 CET 2007

Dear Friends and Users of Open-Xchange,

Open-Xchange Inc. today pre-announced its Service Pack 4 for
Open-Xchange Server 5. Service Pack 4 will include  important
new features, which have been requested by the customer base.
It represents the first fusion of the technology which was
developed for Open-Xchange Express - and Hosting Edition
into Open-Xchange Server 5 Advanced Server.

This pack will include new and enhanced features such as:

   * New multi time zone handling
   * New recurring appointments handling
   * More consistent calendar views
   * SLES 9 64-bit support
   * Calendar APIs for development
   * Various bug fixes and feature enhancements

Between now and the release of Open-Xchange 5 Advanced
Server Service Pack 4, Open-Xchange will be conducting a
Beta Program. If you would like to participate please contact
us at beta at open-xchange.com. The unstable Open Source
release can be downloaded from the community section of
our website. You will see a number of changes to the web site
and the release of more information about Open-Xchange 5
Advanced Server and its product roadmap in the coming weeks.

The Service Pack will be released in December and will be
placed on the Maintenance Portal for all customers with valid
maintenance subscription for Open-Xchange Server 5.

With kind regards,

Your Open-Xchange Team

Open-Xchange GmbH, Maxfeldstr. 9, D-90409 Nuernberg
AG Nuernberg, HRB 22121
Geschaeftsführer: Frank Hoberg, Martin Kauss

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